Indica Renegade, Indi Rene,Fit indi
I'll give you 20k cash and a pound of dabs to let me smash for a weekend. If your interested just repost saying you like nice offers and I will contact you with more info


dose some one have to pay to watch you videos?
You have such a nice body and I was just wondering if you know what your BMi is? Also what is your height and weight? I wish my body looked like yours, but sadly I still have about 22 pounds to loose.

i am 5’7  to me everything else doesnt matter - its about working hard everyday fighting for progress, not wondering everysecond if you lost a inch in your waist or not

Your fit. Starting to get that v shape on your abs. Real sexy. I dig it.

thank you <3

Girl you are amazing idk Wat to say love your smile Love your leg love where you come in a year your are an inspiration PS keep that million dollar In one of photos your my rock star

aww thanks MUUUAH!!!!!!!!

So how would I go purchase some of your videos from mygirlfund? It's quite complicated and I couldn't figure it out. Lol.

really ?? thats interesting it should be incredibly simple, you make an account, send a contribution and i send a video, all specific information for me is posted there on my page

can you hold a twerking seminar so other girls can learn? 😂

lol no - its for strip clubs and xxx web girls lol . everyone else is taking it way to seriously 

Seriously addicted to #shehulk I wish I could read faster lol&#160;! 👀👀💥💥💥💥💥 💪💪

Seriously addicted to #shehulk I wish I could read faster lol ! 👀👀💥💥💥💥💥 💪💪

You should add a free video on here please that would be awesome
Do you still cam?

mostly customized videos now, its much better